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Hops and Kin As soon as Jes, Emily, and I saw pictures of the inside of Hops, we knew we had to get in there for a Fashion + Food shoot. This shoot has been a long time coming! Brewerytown is the next up and coming neighborhood in Philly, and I have a strong feeling […]

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How to Bring the Glam to Philly’s Hottest Pizza Place Metallics, sequins, beading, and jewel tones all helped us bring the glam to Philly’s hottest pizza place, Porta. Just like our shoot at Louie Louie, my approach for this shoot was to highlight the theme and decor of the restaurant through my clothing selections. The […]

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Why Ugg Boots are the Worst If you read the title of this post, and you’re still reading it, it’s possible that you’re “rage reading”. So calm your shearling lining, and take a deep breath. I see you, fellow “basic bitch”, for I am with you on most things. I LOVE fall. It’s my favorite […]

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Are you ready to elevate your style? Fashion and food have always worked well together. In my new series, I feature Philadelphia boutiques, hot restaurants, and the newest social media trend.

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This time of year always brings out the debate regarding whether or not it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day. As a professional, I’m here to tell you, IT’S FINE! Seriously, calm down. It’s not a real rule. Where did this lame rule originate, anyway? Sometime in the late 1800’s, women needed to find […]

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Hi all! Today is the day that I decided to change up my look! I have always considered my hair just another accessory, so I have never had a problem with cutting or coloring my hair, because it’ll grow. My hair is thick and grows fast, so even if I didn’t love a particular hair […]

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What’s it like having an intuitive stylist shop for you?

I help dress your soul, and allow you to step into your higher self. You’ve already done most of the work – our time to work together occurs as one of the final steps before your transformation. Does that sound a little scary? It’s ok, you’ll always feel supported through the entire process. My goal is for you to love everything in your closet, and to feel incredible every time you get dressed.

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Soulography Experience

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Soulography is a unique photoshoot experience that goes beyond taking photos and captures your true inner power, allowing you to step into the future you know you are ready for.

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