Stylist’s Guide to Winter 2022 Trends (to help you hate Winter Less)


Shopping Winter Trends

I’ll admit it: I’m already daydreaming about what it feels like to just walk outside in a t-shirt or tank top… not layered or needing to remember to have a million spare layers because the cold keeps getting to me. Spring will be here soon enough, but folks, here’s the reality (on the East Coast at least): we still have a solid couple months of winter weather left. So if you feel like you hate all your current warm weather clothing or you don’t have what you need for upcoming events, just read through these picks that will help you stay warm for the rest of winter AND maybe even like it a bit!! (Miracles do happen.)

Outerwear to LOVE

Okay, so, since you need your heavy outerwear to go just about anywhere, it’s important to have a few fun pieces that you love. (And hey, you might even feel a little sad when you put them in storage when the warm weather comes!)… maybe that’s a stretch.

Incorporate some FUN with super wearable trends like cropped puffers that work for everyone, soft fleece to make you feel like a luxurious teddy bear, and classic silhouettes that feel super fun and modern.

Full Fluffy

Warm, Not Fluffy

Sweater Dresses

Yes, sweater dresses can be CUTE. You do not need to freeze just because you want to grab dinner with friends on a Saturday night in February. If you’re scared of feeling bulky, look for thin knits with a slight statement sleeve or cutouts, or opt for full coverage with a classic oversized turtleneck sweater to pair with glamorous hair and statement earrings. Trust me, you’ll look so much better when you’re comfortable and actually enjoying your evening instead of shivering from appetizers to dessert because you want to show some skin!!

High Collar or No Collar

One big trend I’m seeing this season is going all out with a statement collar, or keeping it super clean with minimal “notched” collar styles. Either way, looking at the collar and thinking about what fun jewelry you can wear with it is a great way to shop for a couple of new pieces.

Brights & Patterns

One of the best (and easiest) ways to battle the winter doldrums is to incorporate more color into your winter wardrobe, and you don’t necessarily have to go super trendy if that’s not your thing! I especially love red and pink for winter, but don’t be afraid to branch out with all colors of the rainbow, especially for shoes and belts.

Winter-ize Your Summer Favorites

If you don’t want to go shopping for new pieces but still mix it up a little bit, here are a few super quick and easy ways to incorporate some of your summer favorites into your winter wardrobe.

  • Layer a tank jumpsuit over a turtleneck sweater
  • Layer slip dresses – long sleeves and with a sweater on top. Wear with tights and gorgeous boots for a fun 90s silhouette.
  • Refresh your coverups/loose summer cardigans – wear over neutral sweater dress or monochrome long sleeved shirt + skirt combo.
  • Pair T-shirt dresses with your favorite flannel/shirt jacket of the season along with leggings and tall boots.

If you loved my take on winter trends, guess what? I can advise your year-round wardrobe to make sure that you’re authentically showing up in every season. Reach out and let’s work together.

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