February Favorites: Client Shopping Sessions


February Client Favorites

February was packed with shopping sessions for clients! At home shopping sessions are when I go shopping for you, and bring all kinds of fun, new clothes, shoes, and accessories to your house for you to try! Your new pieces immediately get “welcomed to the family” by incorporating the new with the old. We put outfits together using your new clothes, and you can instantly see how you can wear it. It’s SO much fun!

When we do a shopping session virtually, it’s still lots of fun! I give you options ahead of time for you to order, and we have a try-on session via zoom. There’s lots of gorgeous outfits and styling no matter how we shop together. Think about it like all the times you would go shopping with your best girl friend at the mall, except this time you’ll receive honest feedback that’s also backed with lots of experience. I will probably amp you up more than your best gal would too.

I have such a good time shopping for (and with) you! There are always a few pieces that we both just fall in love with, during a session. So, instead of keeping those pieces a secret, I wanted to show them off!

February Client Favorites!

Green belted mocneck balloon sleeve mini dress

This green mock neck, belted, balloon sleeve, mini dress is so cute! You’ll definitely want to click on the photo, because the back of this dress is seriously everything. This dress is perfect with a pair of nude pumps, or you could do over-the-knee boots with it. Either look is a total win.

Ooooh this jumpsuit is FIERCE! It can easily be worn casually with sneakers or amp up the heat with a sexy heel. The deep neckline ending at the knotted waist is so very good. Plus, the price point makes it almost a no-brainer.


All three of these tops are so feminine, I really love them! For all three of these tops, high waisted pants are an easy pairing.

The top on the far left has a subtle, allover vintage, floral print. It’s a little cropped, which is a trend that is still going strong!

The middle is a lightweight, body hugging sweater, that is off the shoulder on one side. It is also SOOOO soft. I told my client that this sweater is the perfect top to put on when you get asked to go out with your girls, but you’re not really in the mood to get dressed. You’ll look so trendy, cute, and polished, but feel cozy.

The top on the far right is so dreamy and romantic. Wearing it will give you princess vibes without needing the puffy dress and tiara.


olive green coated pants

Want to feel like a badass? Get yourself a pair of coated jeans. These beauties are by Rag & Bone, and they’re in olive green. Coated jeans have a bit of a sheen to them, where they almost look like leather, but they’re comfortable to wear!

distressed dad jeans

These are dad jeans! This look is so cool. I am really into adding different leg lines into my jeans arsenal. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a skinny jean, but I also like to mix it up. Pair dad jeans with a fitted bodysuit and pumps to add a bit of femininity to this outfit.

Side note: Does anyone else find it absolutely ironic that these “dad jeans” are also distressed (holes in both knees)? I’m pretty sure that every single my dad has seen me wearing distressed jeans, he makes some kind of comment like “You know we can afford to buy clothes that don’t have holes in them.” Anyone else’s dad, partner, husband say the same thing?


tortoise print pump

Oooooh these gorgeous shoes! What’s not to love? I mean, the tortoise shell print makes them so versatile (just like leopard, black and brown prints go with everything!). The pointed toe is classic, and its paired with a highly stylized heel. These are just stunning!

silver pointed toe pump

Silver, metallic pumps are another unexpected versatile shoe. My client loves wearing pieces that sparkle, so these were the perfect addition to her wardrobe.


How long do at home shopping sessions last?

An at home shopping session is typically about 2 hours. I arrive (wearing my mask) at your house with all of the beautiful new pieces that I selected for you, and unpack. Then, we talk a little and you start trying everything on! We immediately start putting outfits together. For the outfits you really love, we take a picture, once it’s fully accessorized, so you can use the pic as your own outfit inspiration!

How often do we have shopping sessions?

First, decide how long you would like for us to work together. On my Work With Me page, you’ll see that I offer 90 day, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month packages! With every package, we meet at least once a month. I typically find that most clients like to have at least two shopping sessions followed by an outfit pairing session, then back to shopping. Unless they have something specific they are planning for like an event, trip, holiday, etc., in which case we just continue with shopping sessions.

How much should I expect to spend?

Being prepared to spend between $800 and $1000 will give you the most wiggle room to shop for your first session. After that, most of your shopping sessions will usually cost less, because we will be more focused with what you’re looking for. That first shopping session is always a big investment, because we’re excited to add to and rebuild your new wardrobe. I can work with a budget, but honestly, my favorite budget is no budget.

What if we’re working together virtually?

For my virtual clients, we still meet once a month and shop together, but it’s done via zoom! I also create a virtual closet that is just for you. Think Clueless but significantly better.

If you have any other questions, or you’re ready to book a session, click here!

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