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This month, I’m filled with hope. Spring is a time of renewal, as both your body and spirit take a big stretch to greet more light and absorb this surge in energy.  On top of that, we’re seeing more of our loved ones get vaccinated, and being able to see more friends and family and […]

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Contrary to popular belief, we have not all become experts in shopping for clothes online in the past year, despite the fact that we’re relying on online shopping more than ever. So especially after doing some closet cleaning (did you see my blog post on that too?) as part of your spring cleaning and winter […]

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As we steadily approach warmer weather (after what feels like the longest winter in history…) we’re ready to tackle spring cleaning. If you also feel like your whole home (and self) needs a reset after hitting the one year mark since the world shut down due to COVID-19, I’m right there with you. To help […]

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In 2020, we have been united by our shared hardships. Though your outfit or how your hair looks is realistically way down there on the list of struggles we’ve been through this year, there’s no denying that staying home all the time and only picking from a slim section from your closet eventually has an […]

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If you’re like most people I know right now, you’re in need of a boost. (And frankly, same.) This year has brought so many unexpected challenges as we go through the most unpredictable time. But through it all, there’s been so much growth and discovering a new kind of strength. A huge part of that […]

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It should come as no surprise that I love astrology, and using that as a lens to get to know my clients and where they are on their style journey. How do you handle getting rid of your clothes? Are you ruthless when you’re going through your closet, or do you find yourself getting emotional? […]

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This year, we’re shopping small and shopping EARLY for the holidays, especially on Small Business Saturday. It’s the absolute best to see small business owners supporting other small businesses. I love giving my owners and creators massive shout outs as much as possible (have you heard of my friends Kat or Ilia?) With the uncertainty […]

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What’s it like having an intuitive stylist shop for you?

I help dress your soul, and allow you to step into your higher self. You’ve already done most of the work – our time to work together occurs as one of the final steps before your transformation. Does that sound a little scary? It’s ok, you’ll always feel supported through the entire process. My goal is for you to love everything in your closet, and to feel incredible every time you get dressed.

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Soulography Experience

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Soulography is a unique photoshoot experience that goes beyond taking photos and captures your true inner power, allowing you to step into the future you know you are ready for.

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