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When I think of the weather in the southeast, especially in the summer, two words immediately come to mind, hot and humid. The pace is slower in the south, and the overall vibe for style is much more relaxed. You’ll want to use “easy, breezy, beautiful” as your theme for your outfits, so your clothes […]

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A trip to NYC involves making plans in all the ways we couldn’t during 2020 (and part of 2021). Going out to eat is one of the best parts about being in NYC. Traveling to and packing for a weekend in NYC means embracing elevated looks. Daytime is elevated casual, and nighttime it’s polished. Your […]

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Mexico/resorts make me tap into sexy, sensual energy. The feeling of sunshine and the heat encourage clothing that is minimal in terms of its fabric, but at the same time, it leaves quite the impact. The temperature is hot, and so are you. Your color palette is BOLD – hot pinks, bright reds, electric blues, […]

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When you’re traveling somewhere with an unpredictable weather forecast, it can make packing feel daunting. It’s easy to feel like you have to pack your entire closet, because you want to have so many options. Allow me to reassure you, you don’t have to pack everything, you just have to pack the right things. Layers […]

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One of my most common requests from clients is to find them outfits to wear to work that don’t feel stuffy, plain, or boring. Professional style for women can feel both overwhelming and really limiting. Suits in traditional colors like black or navy, paired with a solid color button-down are not what my clients want […]

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Whether it’s a first date or a date with someone you’ve been with for 17 years, you’ll want to feel sexy. Do you know what makes you feel hot? Have you thought about it lately?  Before planning your outfits, it might be good to take a few steps back and really figure out what feeling […]

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beach vacation capsule wardrobe guide

Despite the fact that my wardrobe is basically part of my family, I’m committed to not over-packing. Especially for family vacations when I’m busy worrying about a million other things, including making sure that we’ve packed everything that my son needs for a week at the beach. I love doing this for myself and teaching […]

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What’s it like having an intuitive stylist shop for you?

I help dress your soul, and allow you to step into your higher self. You’ve already done most of the work – our time to work together occurs as one of the final steps before your transformation. Does that sound a little scary? It’s ok, you’ll always feel supported through the entire process. My goal is for you to love everything in your closet, and to feel incredible every time you get dressed.

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Soulography Experience

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Soulography is a unique photoshoot experience that goes beyond taking photos and captures your true inner power, allowing you to step into the future you know you are ready for.

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