The Sage of the Mountains

Personal Growth

woman in the snow

The Adirondacks, NY

For months, Dani and I kept saying to each other, “I just keep envisioning a goddess wanting to be photographed in the snow in the mountains.” So we decided to take the time to “feel into it”. (Sit with the thought in silence, and check in with ourselves, our bodies to see if it felt right or not.) Not only did it feel SO right, but we connected with Brooke, and she absolutely loved the idea.

Brooke lives for the wilderness. She has hiked all over the world, and explored some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you can imagine. When we suggested traveling to the Adirondacks for the weekend in the beginning of February, she was thrilled. So we planned it – a weekend in the mountains and the snow for her soulography shoot.

woman flipping her hair in the mountains wearing a fur cloak

Styling the Sage of the Mountains

When I was creating the different looks for Brooke’s shoot, I wanted to combine primal and regal. I wanted to help her connect with the part of her that helps others heal, while bringing in the earth and nature. The sage, of course is a type of healer. The lush green velvet dress relates to the green of the heart chakra, the green in the trees.

The white dress I chose is almost like a physical depiction of the wind and snow. Brooke is wild, and like the wind. She is meant to travel, explore, and be free.

woman in the snow being blown by the wind in a white dress

Last, the fur shawl and fur cloak allowed Brooke to bring in the animal side of her femininity. Playing with these furs, she was able to channel animals like the bear. She could let that wild woman come out and play.

The Weather

I bet that from what you’ve read so far, you have an idea of what the weather was like for Brooke’s shoot. If you’re familiar with this soulography series of posts (Connecticut, Martha’s Vineyard, & Charleston), you know the weather is always a special guest.

Every time we stepped outside to start shooting, the wind welcomed us. The wind was excited, intense, and it was thrilled to embrace Brooke. It was like they were able to dance in the magic of the wind.

Where is your dream destination? Where is your soul calling you to go? Let’s go on an adventure together!

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