The Phases of the Moon and What They Mean For Your Style

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The phases of the moon and your style

If you noticed anything weird going on during last month’s full moon, we had one hell of a Leo full moon. Full moons often bring forward a lot of intense energy, but when the moon is in certain astrological signs, we feel them stronger than others. 

Fiery Leo meant that everything was a little emotionally charged, and if you felt like your communication was off, that was true for basically everyone during this time. We were also in mercury retrograde shadow during the Leo full moon. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so when it is in shadow, we already begin to feel its effects. 

This particular full moon brought me back to some thoughts on the strong bond between your spiritual intentions and your wardrobe, and how to use the cycle of the moon to guide your style. The significance and “whoah” moment of the last Full Moon we experienced makes this an even more perfect time to get aligned and focus on meaningful change, and use the most 

When it comes to style and spirituality (and how these things intersect, aka what I’m all about) the moon is such a strong source of feminine energy, and staying in tune with the moon can help you make the most of that power, and this is to be celebrated by all genders. 

While a lot of my clients identify as spiritual, not all of them are in tune with the moon cycles. What fascinates me is when I see multiple clients in one week, and they all want to do the same thing. For example, I had three clients in consecutive days that all wanted to change their sessions to a closet edit, because they were ready to purge. The phase of the moon during that time was Waning Gibbous. (“Wow, Susan! That’s so crazy!” Oh my gosh, I know, right?? Just kidding, it will all make sense when you read about it.)

As we embrace tomorrow (Friday) night’s full moon, you can jump right into this intuitive grounding process with a celebration as I’ve outlined in the full cycle.

Experiment with the following guide throughout the next moon cycle and let me know how it goes. Xoxo

Pro tip: Subscribe to the Phases of the Moon Google calendar, so you can keep an eye on the moon phase dates and how they intersect with other events throughout the month.

New Moon

Reset, set intentions, new beginnings, cleansing, creation, resetting

Action: set the intention to make time for yourself and your personal style, begin removing clothes that you don’t love

Affirmation: I’m putting away the energy that no longer serves me and letting go of anything  associated with that energy. I am standing my ground.

Waxing Crescent

Nurture yourself and new ideas, refine, strength, healing, creativity, manifestation, confidence in new direction

Action: allow yourself to find inspiration on your personal style 

Affirmation: I actively use my style to reflect who I am on the inside and represent myself in a way that’s true to my soul. I am my own muse.

First Quarter

Create Action, receive, attraction, bonding, taking action, the actions being taken are leading you closer  to your dreams

Action: Shopping, create your closet/wardrobe wish list

Affirmation: With each change and decision I make going forward, I am in control and writing my own destiny. I am empowered.

Waxing Gibbous

Trust, energy, strength, renewal, determination, things are happening at the perfect time, remaining open to refining your vision and adjusting as needed 

Action: be patient with yourself and the process, because it takes time, emotions will come up, and that’s ok. 

Affirmation: I embrace the fact that light and dark must coexist to maintain balance and trust my ability to change. My adaptability is a source of my strength.

Full Moon

Release, power, psychic ability, celebration, rejuvenation, divination, fully embody your magic and celebrate your progress

Action: go somewhere in one of your new outfits, take a selfie, embody your new style and embrace it

Affirmation: My inner and outer transformations allow me to show up fully in every space I’m in. I am radiant.

Waning Gibbous

Action, cleansing, protection, gratitude, closure, repelling. Receiving with gratitude, thankful for your blessings and lessons

Action: purge your closet

Affirmation: I deserve the best of everything and am willing to work for it. I am worthy.

Last Quarter

Breathe, transition, balance, calming, release, giving back from a place of abundance, release the negative energy and habits that bind you

Action: donate your old clothes

Affirmation: I will treat myself the way I deserve to be treated and set that example for the energy of others. I am secure in my gifts.

Waning Crescent/Balsamic Moon

Banishing, remove negativity, rest, surrender, reflecting with thanks, surrender to the universe and allow yourself to rest

Action: cleanse your closet to remove any remaining negative energy and welcome in the new positive energy, 

Affirmation: I will gladly say, “Thank you, NEXT” to the energy, actions, and people who need to hear it. I am centered.

Are you curious about other ways that spirituality connects with style? Read my post about astrological signs and your closet!

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