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Woman with gold cuff lying on couch with feather robe

Charleston, South Carolina

Goddess, Emily Cassel’s Wild Woman Soulography photo shoot brought Dani and I to Charleston, SC! The locations for her photo shoot included beautiful gardens, lots of Spanish moss, and the beach. When you meet Emily, her energy feels like a spring day – bright with flowers and sunshine.

When we were driving from one location to another, she was singing along to Disney songs. I’m fairly convinced that Emily may be a modern day Disney princess, but she is also a business and leadership coach for women entrepreneurs.

woman wearing feather robe and gold cuff

The Feather Robe’s Debut

We started Emily’s shoot inside an Airbnb to capture some of Emily’s light . The magical piece that she is wearing in this shot is one of the most incredible pieces that I own. This feather robe is part of the Wild Woman Soulography wardrobe. When you book a shoot with me and Dani, if I feel it feels like the right fit for your shoot, you get to wear it.

I mean, couldn’t you just watch that video over and over again? Emily is beautiful, the way the feathers blow in the wind, and the scenery of Folly Beach, it’s all just so dreamy.

Styling Emily

One of the visuals that came through for Dani, while she tapped into Emily’s energy, was a swan. The swan often symbolizes grace, beauty, and balance. The connection with the swan made the feather robe an even more perfect style choice for Emily.

There’s something so magical about Spanish moss. The entire time we were in South Carolina, I think Dani and I would take turns pointing it out to each other. I felt very inspired by the Spanish moss and magnolias when feeling into what clothes to pick for Emily. Spanish moss naturally becomes intertwined, and you can see that similar style in the rope braiding in the green and white dresses below.

Weather Report

If you read about Jenny or Keri’s Soulography, you know that weather always plays an important role in the photo shoot. The weather doesn’t just impact the quality of the images. It is more of a facilitator in what needs to be expressed by the goddess Dani is photographing.

For Emily’s shoot, we had a few minutes of rain that came in quickly, but didn’t last long. The sun returned after the rain, and stayed for the entirety of the shoot. The brief storm followed by sun mirrors how Emily works with her clients. She helps them work through the blocks in their business, so they can achieve their dreams.

double exposure woman in green dress with ferns

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