How to (actually) Find Style Inspiration and Shop on Pinterest

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How to (acutally) find style inspiration on Pinterest

When you’re looking to find some style inspiration to change up what you’re wearing, where do you look? Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, magazines, and websites are all helpful resources, but how do you stay organized while getting inspired at the same time? Pinterest. 

Pinterest isn’t a new platform, but I want to share some new ideas to help you figure out your style using it. You probably already know that you can search keywords on pinterest, such as “women’s style 2022”, “non-binary style”, “fashion trends winter 2022”, etc. There’s nothing wrong with searching for style inspiration that way, but you’re going to find an overwhelming amount of results, most of which might not resonate with you. 

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite word to add to any pinterest search, when I’m seeking inspiration: Aesthetic. 

Using “aesthetic” after a keyword is the best way to expand your search. Don’t be thrown off if your search brings up pictures of home decor, or other photos that don’t include clothes. If something catches your eye, I want you to add it to your style board.

Quick Note: If you’ve used pinterest in the past, and already have a style board, just like your closet, go back and purge anything that doesn’t align.

Ok, back to your search. Are there stores or brands that you like? If you just search the brand name, your results will be images of things that the store sells. For example, if you search “Anthropologie” on Pinterest, the results will mostly be single images of clothes, accessories, etc. like you would find on their website. If you search “Anthropologie Aesthetic”, your results will mostly be beautiful images of outfits, gorgeous decorated spaces, and almost resemble a magazine. The “aesthetic” search will also help you discover similar brands to the one you are currently searching.

While you’re looking, I want you to pin to your style board without thinking about it. If you like it, pin it. You can always edit later if you want to.

Once you have between 15-20 pins in your style board, take a look at the images you’ve selected. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What trends are you noticing? 
  • Is there a clear color palette?
  • Does the same color show up in a lot of the images you chose?
  • Is there a decade, era, or genre that connects with the images?
  • Could you imagine a character from a movie/tv show wearing a lot of these clothes?
  • Are there a lot of patterns and textures, or is it more minimal? 
  • Are there clear, distinct, clean lines or are they fluid?
  • With the images of clothes, is there a specific part of the body that is highlighted?

When you have these answers, you’ll be able to gain a lot of direction towards your style. Doing this Pinterest style inspiration exercise of creating your own style boar gives you the opportunity to look at everything with a “big picture” perspective. You’re also no longer limited to just what you see on mannequins in stores where you shop. You’ll be filled with inspiration to expand your style horizons, and I can’t wait!

If you feel stuck or are unsure of what your next steps should be after you do this exercise, reach out! Let’s connect! 

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