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Personal Style For Dopamine

“Dopamine dressing” is a combination of getting dressed with intention and choosing to do something for yourself that brings you joy. Selecting clothes in really vibrant colors gives you permission to stand out, and having the label of “dopamine dressing” gives you the excuse to do it.

You don’t need to save dopamine dressing for special occasions or when you will be perceived by others.

So we’re taking dressing for dopamine and turning that into personal styling for dopamine. Incorporating that into your overall personal style takes that feeling and applies it to your everyday wardrobe… yes, even when you’re at home.

  • Why not wear your jewelry? It’s just going to exist wherever you’re storing it anyways.
  • Here’s something that’s easy to forget: makeup eventually goes bad. I’m not saying you need full glam every day, but doing a swipe of eyeshadow and mascara can help you feel a little more put together even if you’re just cleaning the house. Speaking of makeup going bad, most open makeup expires anywhere between 3 – 12 months. If you can’t remember when you purchased it, and there’s the chance it’s longer than that timeframe, save yourself the risk of a breakout or an eye infection, and throw it away.
  • Don’t save your nicest outfits for a “special occasion” or because you’re afraid of “wearing the same thing too many times”. Wear what you love because it makes you happy! That’s reason enough!

Putting Dressing for Dopamine Into Practice



Add a pop of color with your nails, or try a neutral polish with a subtle design if you need to be more dialed back.

Clothing Texture

Play with different fabrics and materials for your business casual staples to create a more fun silhouette. Also, texture does not need to be a big statement! Layer texture underneath your blazer or other layer so it’s more subtle, but makes your professional look more unique. For incorporating patterns, look for “embossed” or textured fabric to make that look really come to life.


No, your loungewear does not need to and absolutely SHOULD NOT be restricted to old stained sweatpants that spark zero joy or your workout clothes. Being in your own environment is the perfect opportunity to experiment with colors and hairstyles and get comfortable! Plus, especially on dreary chore-filled days, you deserve something to pep you up.

Bright Colors

There are sooo many online stores to shop for amazing loungewear in fun colors and patterns. I love Parade, and Old Navy has a HUGE size-inclusive variety of loungewear for upgrading your home uniform on a budget.

Easy Go-To Hairstyle

It’s easy to throw your hair into the fastest possible style, and that’s definitely necessary at times! But taking a few extra minutes to put some oomph in your ponytail or style a headband will make you feel a little more glam while you’re just hanging out at home. Experiment and find what you like that can be done in a frantic few minutes before running an errand or jumping on a video call.


Have you ever panic-impulse-bought an outfit for an occasion that you could never see yourself wearing again just because it seemed appropriate for that occasion? Yes, everyone has been there. When you do treat yourself to nicer pieces, it should be to dress with dopamine, and add items to your wardrobe that you’ll be excited to wear and rewear.

Everyone has drastically different thoughts, feelings, and experiences for dressing up to go out. Turn that into an opportunity to dress for dopamine.

Statement Jumpsuit

If you’ve been here for a minute then you know I LOVE a jumpsuit. So many can easily be dressed up or down, and it’s an all-in-one solution. And despite what you may have experienced or heard from others, not every jumpsuit is a restroom nightmare!! (But maybe have your friend come to the restroom with you just in case you need an extra hand with the zipper.) Sleeves tend to be the problem for getting in and out smoothly. You can avoid logistical nightmares with styles that are entirely pull-on, have a ruched or elastic waist, and adjustable straps.

Shoe Style

For going out, not everything needs to be a sky-high stiletto heel. I’ve had experience with clients who are very stuck in this mindset or who are intimidated by trying to find alternatives that suit certain occasions, which is totally understandable! Before you start shopping, think about a unique element that you love in a shoe. Maybe that’s a certain color, or focusing on shoes that are embellished or metallic. Find inspiration in what you love first, and use that to narrow down your search for dopamine shoes.

How to Keep Ideas Going

Personal styling for dopamine is all about finding new inspiration, and I know the amount of influencers and content is overwhelming. Here’s how I stay inspired.

  • Pinterest! I wrote a whole other post on optimizing your Pinterest search so it’s actually useful!
  • Follow influencers and other content creators who have similar body types and wear similar sizes. This will make getting recommendations so much easier.
  • Evaluate your closet for dopamine gaps on a regular basis and purchase what’s missing!

By helping my clients find clothes that bring them joy, I have seen time and time again that their lives begin to change tremendously – whether it’s that they meet their ideal partner, they finally earn the promotion they’ve been wanting, or they get their dream job.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration. If you need help incorporating dopamine dressing into your wardrobe, check out my personal styling packages.

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