Jenny’s Beach Photo Shoot

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woman on beach during storm

Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard

I will go to the beach any time of year. Some of my favorite photo shoots have been at the beach. The ocean recharges me. Having the opportunity to travel to Martha’s Vineyard to style one of Dani’s Soulography shoots was truly a special experience.

When we arrived to Martha’s Vineyard, it was the most beautiful day we could have imagined. The sky was a gorgeous vibrant blue, welcoming us to the island. It was our first time traveling to “the vineyard”, and we were blown away by its beauty.

Our goddess, Jenny, for this Soulography shoot happens to be a dear friend of Dani’s. So, Jenny picked us up at the ferry, and gave us the perfect tour of Martha’s Vineyard. We had some of the best seafood I have ever eaten, including lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and fresh raw oysters. Do you ever enjoy food so much that you miss it? That’s how I feel about the food we ate.

beautiful sunny beach day Martha's Vineyard

During our tour, Jenny took us to a secret beach that is exclusive to those who live on a specific part of Martha’s Vineyard. We walked along this breathtaking beach, admiring the large rocks, caves, and views. During our walk, Dani began to mentally plan for Jenny’s photo shoot the next day. We had great food, gorgeous views, a walk on a beautiful beach, and we got to pet puppies on the beach. Jenny truly spoiled us, and it was wonderful.

woman wet rain red dress shell necklace beach cave
Jenny in one of the beach caves in Martha’s Vineyard.

Jenny’s energy is so warm, loving, and nurturing. You feel safe and held when you’re with her. Along with that love and support, she has a tremendous amount of strength and power within her. Dani and I had the pleasure of helping that power emerge through Jenny’s Soulography photo shoot.

mermaid queen black and white smiling eyes closed

The Transformation & Style

The transformation that occurs during a Soulography photo shoot is always so magical. During Jenny’s shoot, we watched Jenny reach deep within herself and bring forward her strength. Jenny’s energy is connected to her sacral chakra, the womb space. The connection with the lower chakras drew me to colors like red and gold for Jenny’s styling. I pulled dresses that highlighted the curves of her body, with sensual fabrics that could still take flight in the wind.

woman black robe running on beach with large rocks

Sunshine Not Required

It always fascinates me how the Soulography photo shoots coincide with specific weather, and how the weather impacts the shoot. Jenny needed to really feel into her power, with a strong yet gentle push. While we had an absolutely beautiful, sunny day when we arrived, the day of the shoot was filled with gentle rain and forceful winds. But as you can see from Jenny’s photos, the wind and rain were exactly what she needed to step into her own.

woman yellow dress leg up on a rock in the ocean
woman touching her face with the forest

Where is your dream photo shoot? If you could go anywhere in the world and be photographed, where would it be? Allow Dani and I to help you be seen in your true power and beauty. Book a call to start your journey!

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