Trans and Gender Fluid Friendly Online Clothing Brands

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Trans and Gender Fluid Friendly Online Clothing Brands

Between styling participants for Youthphoria and my trans and non-binary clients, I’m always looking for brands that will be comfortable for all bodies and all genders while offering gender-affirming clothing options. Also, in general, finding brands that carry extended sizes (in either direction) is something I am always trying to find.

The websites that I listed below cover the sizing spectrum as well as the gender spectrum. Additional bonuses: a lot of these brands strive for representation in their models in addition to their size inclusivity, and most also highly value sustainability. Just remember that you can shop with your values in mind without going over-budget.

Here is my current list of my favorite brands to shop for trans and non-binary folks. I hope this helps you or someone you know if they have woes about not being able to find clothing that feels true to them.

Undergarments and Swimwear

Pepper – perfect for smaller breasts (AA, A, and B cups) with a range in band/rib cage sizes

GC2B – My favorite site for binders (if you have larger breasts, go with the tank style binder)

Madalynne Intimates – based in Philly, this brand designs underwear, lingerie, and swimwear for all bodies and genders. You can shop their ready made options or purchase DIY kits to sew your garments yourself! They recently won Best of Philly 2022 for “Best Lingerie for Trans Women”. 

TomboyX – amazing selection of swimwear no matter where you are on the gender spectrum, they also carry underwear and loungewear. Underwear option highlights include adjustable compression tops and a range of boxer styles with different inseam measurements!

Bare Necessities – my all time favorite site for bras for large breasts. The range of sizes is the best I’ve seen, and the brands are excellent.


ASOS – trendy clothes with sustainable options and extended sizes!! In addition to carrying clothes from a size 00 to a 28, they have petite lengths, regular, and tall length options for a lot of their pants. One of our Youthphoria participants constantly struggled with finding pants that fit her, because she is 6’2”, but because of the tall option in ASOS, I found multiple perfect options for her! Their men’s sizing goes up to a 48” waist, and they have shirts in XS-4XL. 

Wildfang – “We’re on a mission to rethink gender norms and how they show up in fashion. We embrace our masculine, our feminine, and our-everything-in-between.” First of all, love. Second of all, they have so many styles that can either enhance or downplay features that stereotypically align with a gender that isn’t your own… all while being super comfortable and amazing for work or just lounging and looking fabulous.

Kirrin Finch – described as gender-defying menswear that is designed to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies 

Indochino – trans-friendly custom shirts and suits. Getting the perfect fit on a suit often requires sending measurements, which can easily make someone feel extremely vulnerable. Knowing that making clothing for trans and nonbinary folks is part of this company’s ethos makes it so much easier!!

Shoes (Including Extended Sizes)

Torrid – carries shoes from size 6 to a size 13, with almost 200 options available in a size 13 on their website!

Converse – from a size 4 to a 20, who doesn’t love that kind of range? And Chucks are always such a fun addition to a casual look. (They’re iconic for a reason!)

Dolce Vita – sizes 5-15 with lots of current trends. One of my personal favorites for clients, because you can find shoes on trend without sacrificing comfort. 

Good American – size 4 to 14 with lots of cute options for heels

Learn more about my work with Youthphoria in this blog post, and we have more fun things to share very soon!

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