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Personally, I’m over matching pastel sets for spring looks. Is it because I prefer more saturated colors? Maybe. Is it because pastels can wash out most skin tones? Yeah, that too. Is it also because my legs are so pale that there wouldn’t be much contrast between my skin and the pastel color? Also, yes. 

Don’t get me wrong, pastel nail polish, jewelry, hair color, or shoes are all fun. Even the addition of one pastel piece in an outfit isn’t so bad. I just don’t want to dress for spring and look like an easter egg. 

Lavender is definitely the most commonly used color in matching sets, and you’ll occasionally see mint in there too.

Pastels can be seen as an easy transition when it comes to adding more color into your wardrobe. If you’re not into bold and bright, a pastel can feel a little bit more comfortable. But allow me to suggest individual pieces, so you can really embrace spring without feeling stuck with an Easter egg color palette, and get inspired to pick up some pieces that you can also rock all summer long.

Get Creative with Wearable Neutrals

Spring trends I am loving include neutrals! Wearing neutral colors in modern silhouettes, and beautiful fabrics, makes an outfit look very polished and chic. This suit will work for so many occasions, and it’s a classic style that won’t feel dated anytime soon.

Here are two other ways to incorporate your neutrals into your spring looks:

Look for neutral patterns, like this blue-grey flowy midi dress. There’s a lot that you can do with your makeup and accessories to add color and personality, but this certainly doesn’t feel like a boring grey dress!

Same with getting a very modern, fun silhouette in a neutral color like this romper. This look feels fresh and classy, and in a color that you can rock for basically all occasions and dress up or down.

Bright Colors in Small Doses

I can spend hours looking at bright statement bags, both for clients and myself. It’s a perfect way to show off your personality or favorite color, and you’ll have a piece that’s truly unique from what most other people are carrying. Here are a few for inspo:

Pictured: Versace Pink Medusa Charm Bag, Givenchy Antigone, Versace Blue Medusa, Christian Louboutin Elisa in Red

If you feel like there are certain colors that don’t flatter you in a clothing piece, have fun with your nails as much as possible. Bright blues, oranges, yellows, and even olive green can add that unique extra pop without feeling overwhelming.

I clearly don’t believe in sticking to the traditional nail polish colors, but those can be stunning too! Don’t write off trying fun colors just because you feel like you need to tone yourself down – in fact, there are statement colors and hues you can do for every season. If you have to keep your nails toned down for work or certain social settings, choose a fun color for your toes.

Is there something standing out to you?

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