Where Are You In Your Style


“I just want to feel confident.”

I hear this from womxn all the time. Let me tell you a secret. You have all of the confidence you need already, it’s just lost inside of you. What you need to learn is how to let it out and shine. Together, we will work through the layers, the energetic and emotional blocks that are preventing you from feeling confident.

My approach to styling has always focused on seeing inside of each individual and finding new ways bring that to the surface to increase confidence, help you show up the way you want to be seen, and make you do a little happy dance when you look in the mirror.

Where Are You In Your Style is a series of five virtual, intimate group sessions. In this workshop, through deep conversations, guided visualizations, meditations, and journaling, I will help you discover who you are now, in this moment.

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the schedule

Virtual Workshop

Week 1: The importance of asking yourself, “Who am I?”

The intro to self re-discovery, you know you, but when was the last time you checked in with yourself. Everyone has changed because everyTHING has changed. 

Week 2: The Past

Defining what parts of your past you need to let go of versus what parts of your past support who you are now.

Week 3: Present

What makes you happy now and how your wardrobe plays a part in that.

Week 4: Future

Figuring out what you really want from your life and whether your clothes support your goals and dreams.

Week 5: Forward – Cleanse and Level Up

How to cleanse your closet (and do it efficiently), setting an intention for your style moving forward, and allowing yourself to receive the most abundant energy.

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Workshop Series Date
May 13-June 10

Join live on Thursday evenings, or get all the replays to watch on your own schedule. 

6 months

Two Seasons

Half a year. If you need a couple of seasons to dedicate to change, I’m right here for you.

The 6 Month package includes all of the foundational elements in the starter 90 day package, but more time to dig in to each phase of your transformation..

→ 3 Intuitive Styling Guidance Sessions – Visioning sessions to set us on the right path

→ 2 Shop With Me Sessions – Get the experience of having a friend in the dressing room while social distancing and shopping online

→ Curated Virtual Closet – Includes both your current clothes that you decide to keep and suggested new pieces

→ 2 Closet Consultation Calls, Review outfits and discuss styling & a Silver Style Box Bonus Gift

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9 months

Room to Explore

This package spans seasons to account for all the shifts in your style, including the awkward “in-between” seasons that can be especially tricky to dress for. (Luckily, I have many layering secrets to teach you that will still make you look SO good.)

If you’ve been thinking about Marie Kondo-ing your closet- this is for you!

→ 4 Intuitive Styling Guidance Sessions – Visioning and taking extra time to dive into your current closet

→ 3 Shop With Me Sessions – Online shopping sessions to make sure you’re investing in the essentials and some fun pieces

→ Curated Virtual Closet – Includes both your current clothes that you decide to keep and suggested new pieces

→ 3 Closet Consultation Calls & Gold Style Box Bonus Gift

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12 months

The Full Transformation

I can’t help but think of “Seasons of Love” from RENT. This package enables you to make your style journey part of a new chapter in your life, when you really step into the new you. This is especially important as we all try to embrace what everyone is calling a “new normal” instead of just learning to live with it.

→ 5 Intuitive Styling Guidance Sessions – Exploring your current style through the seasons and opportunities for change

→ 5 Shop With Me Sessions – Virtual shopping to find both the essentials and statement pieces for all throughout the year

→ Curated Virtual Closet – Includes both your current clothes that you decide to keep, your new pieces, and recommendations

→ 4 Closet Consultation Calls & Platinum Style Box Bonus Gift

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