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The ultimate small business saturday shopping guide

This year, we’re shopping small and shopping EARLY for the holidays, especially on Small Business Saturday.

It’s the absolute best to see small business owners supporting other small businesses. I love giving my owners and creators massive shout outs as much as possible (have you heard of my friends Kat or Ilia?) With the uncertainty surrounding retail spaces and the increased restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID, it’s even more important than ever to prioritize shopping small. So, here’s a list of some of my favorite,s who definitely have something for everyone on your list.

Also, believe it or not, this is the edited list – the endless list of amazing businesses out there never fails to bring me and my clients so much joy.

Tip: Not sure what to get your friends and family? A lot of small businesses also sell gift cards! Gift an amount for your loved ones to splurge, while supporting makers and creators this Small Business Saturday.


(I have three necklaces that I wear almost every day, and I wear them layered together, so when you read below “I wear it every day”, I’m not just saying that.)

Stone Cooper – to know me is to also know Stone Cooper. The creator of Stone Cooper, Kat is a dear friend, and her pieces are a perfect combination of spirituality, vintage, and crystals. 
Aquinnah – The maker of my favorite zodiac coin necklace. I wear my Scorpio necklace all the time, I even sleep in it. It’s such a pretty piece.
Sarah Cornwell Jewelry – My personal favorite is the halo “every day” chain, I wear mine every day. Sarah’s jewelry is great for layering and dressing up or down.
Tesoro – Timeless designs and excellent craftsmanship for bags and accessories that will outlast all others – both in style and quality.
Stacey Fay Designs – Stacey is another cherished friend. You might recognize her name as the co-host of The Creative Pause! She designs beautiful customized mantra rings, signet rings, and gorgeous vintage pieces. Stacey curates a collection of jewelry that is meant to carry and create memories.


Andrelle’s – My favorite product is their hormone detox hormonal acne tea. It’s a miracle tea that tastes incredible. Seriously, as an adult woman, who consistently gets hormonal breakouts, this tea has improved my skin. It is the best my skin has been, basically ever, and it’s absolutely because of the tea. This tea also turned me into a tea drinker. I’m obsessed now.
Thai Brooklyn – Favorite product: cleanse bath salts. I take baths using an epsom salt blend around every new moon, and Thai Brooklyn’s cleanse bath salts have a soothing combination of salts, dried roses and herbs, and essential oils. You feel like a queen bathing in this divine mixture, while also cleansing your energetic body. 
Allison Unplugged – The goddess tea – love how it tastes, and it’s so soothing for your throat.


Meraki Market – Favorite product: literally everything! They carry the cutest plants and witchy accessories with the sweetest mother daughter duo owners, AND they’re in Haddonfield, so I don’t even have to cross the bridge to visit them!  
Mystic Ginger Collective – An apothecary, metaphysical shop that is also a hair salon, it’s my new oasis. The energy is divine. They also do energy work with your hair services. 
Elements of Aura – Favorite product: crystal grids! Elements of Aura is also a great spot to find smudging and other energy sprays.
Spiritually Curious – Ilia is an incredible spiritual teacher, who’s energy feels like a warm hug when you’re around her. She has different online courses to help you discover or dive deeper into your spiritual gifts. She also offers a variety of energy work services that can all be done virtually. 
Alex – If you want a reading to gain insight into a current or future situation, Alex is the BEST. She’s so in tune, and this makes a really unique gift for your fellow spiritual friends.
The 8th House – Looking for a witchy shop with a badass witchy owner? The 8th House has everything to make your witchy self feel at home – books, decks, clothes, candles, crystals, bath products, home decor, seriously everything.
Witch’s Way Craft – This Philly-based, woman and veteran-owned small business has a little bit of everything. Gorgeous ethically sourced crystals, their own line of candles, and a variety of jewelry and vintage finds. Also, they have live sales on Instagram that are basically witchy QVC, and have upcoming live sales on both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!


Ordinary O – My personal favorites are the dried floral rings and anything with a suncatcher. 
Ivory and Iron – I fell in love with Ivory and Iron from staying at their AirBnB in Essex, CT for a Wild Woman Soulography shoot. I still dream about that house. In addition to decorating my dream home, they have a store on the same property!! It took so much willpower not to buy everything. What I did come home with: candles by Gypsy Vine (wanderlust and petrichor – the perfect fall/winter smells), crystals, my scorpio pendant necklace by Aquinnah, diffuser oils, and a few feathers.

Former Guests on The Creative Pause

Jill Kane Designs – Jill’s creations, that are for sale on her website, are beautiful. She also has a lot of tutorials that give you permission to try to create. 
Actually Curious – This game has been all over and for good reason!! It’s been featured in The NY Times and The Creative Pause! Stacey and I had the pleasure of playing the game with founder and creator, Michael Tennant, and we loved the entire experience. It’s a game that is designed to spread empathy and encourage conversation. 
Ecobota – The framed pressed floral prints are a gorgeous way to bring the outdoors inside, especially if you don’t do so well with live plants and/or have cats that will eat them. 
AtwaterFavorite: cyanotype floral prints – watching Sarah go through the process of creating a cyanotype made me appreciate the art form even more. She even has kits on her site that you can purchase to do the process yourself!

Looking for even more gift ideas? Check out my WFH essentials guide, with both deals and splurges for each item of clothing your bestie / mom / sister (or you!) needs to stay cozy and stylish at home.

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