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If we’re buds on Instagram or you get my newsletter, you have probably already seen something I’ve been teasing. It’s something that gets requested ALL THE TIME, both from new followers and past clients who want a little refresh in their inspiration.

That’s right, it’s here: My Style Master Class, “From Overwhelmed and Stressed to Excited to Get Dressed” 

A virtual group 90-minute session for you to learn my timeless and universal style tips, including:

  • Changing everything you know about body “shapes” (apple, hourglass, etc.) and what to focus on instead
  • Mixing neutrals with brights and patterns
  • Shifting your money mindset and how it relates to shopping
  • Defining what makes a truly balanced closet so you can shop more efficiently
  • Foundational pieces and ideas for outfit combinations
  • Inspiration for planned and intentional pieces that will actually work for your lifestyle!

.. and more!

It’s the ultimate crash course in learning how to style yourself and understand where you are in your style journey.

Stop and think for a second… how much time and money have you wasted on clothes that go unworn? Do you ever shop for a more “aspirational” version of yourself?

Listen… everyone does this. We all have the trends that we tried to get into or have bought clothes based on an outside influence (that should have never tried to tell you what to wear). Think about how much time and money you have spent on clothes that ended up not working for you, and what it would be worth to feel empowered while shopping and planning your wardrobe.

In just an hour and a half, I’ll be able to give you the pointers you need to rethink your wardrobe and make sure you purchase with intention.

Join live on October 14, or register and get the recording sent to you to watch on your own time! I can’t wait to see you!! 

If you’re looking for help with your closet right now, let’s work together 1:1 with one of my personal styling packages! We can dive into your style together, and you can get the guidance you’re craving to feel lighter after parting with the clothes you don’t like, feel excited to get dressed by using the clothes you currently have, and feeling inspired to shop intentionally during our at home or virtual shopping sessions. My 1:1 packages are where the BIG transformations occur.

Pssst… you know what goes great with this master class? My book! If you want to dive in and learn more about my own style journey, philosophies, and what I’ve learned, you can purchase “We Don’t Do ‘Just Okay’ Anymore” now!

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If you’re not yet ready to invest in a long partnership, but still want to pursue building your own authentic style, then check out my two best-selling masterclasses today. 





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