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Start showing up how you want to be seen - Susan Padron Stylist

I’m just going to get right to it. Women are constantly struggling with being seen and heard. I think that this is something that has become a problem due to other women and men making judgements on who we are, before we even start a conversation. It’s easy to make negative initial assumptions about people, because it can be a way to protect ourselves from making any new connections in life. But, what if people made a positive assumption about you instead? Scarier yet, what if that assumption was right?  

What I do is help women showcase who they are through what they’re wearing, their style. It gives women the power to decide what part of their personality they are allowing the world to see. You have the power and control to walk into a room, and show off any part of yourself in the best ways. Sometimes, you just need the guidance to get to that point.

I give women the power to stop following rules. Growing up, I am sure that you heard all kinds of rules about style and fashion. You probably learned these rules from other women in your life, or magazines you read as a teenager, the internet, whatever, and all of that content made you think that you don’t have any other choices when it comes to style. So, I am here, to step in and tell you that you are allowed to make the decisions that are best for YOU as an individual, as a unique, powerful, strong female. I do this for men too, but it’s more important for women, because we’re always struggling with being seen and being heard.

I am giving you the power to allow you to show up as yourself. Not what other people expect you to be. Not what you think people want to see. Just you. As much (or as little) of you as you want to show. Your outfit doesn’t need to tell your entire life story, and neither do you. You have the power and the control to show off as much of yourself as you are comfortable doing.

Some days, I choose outfits that say, “THIS IS ME! HERE I AM! I am ready for you!” and other days, it’s more “hey guys, I’m Susan. Nice to meet you, I’ll be over here, enjoy your day.” I’m always representing myself, as I want to be seen. It’s just some days my message through my outfit is louder than others. It’s your decision how loud you want your message to be. The only rule is that you have to choose a message to communicate.

Your message can be, “I’m bold, and love meeting new people.” and can be highlighted by strong, bright colors. Another message can be, “I love to travel, and am dying for a way to talk about it,” so try wearing prints that have connections to some of your favorite destinations. Your message can even be, “New situations scare me, I’m intimidated by meeting new people, but I am friendly, once we start chatting,” in which case, feel free to wear muted colors with an occasional pop of jewel tone, and maybe throw in a delicate, but unique piece of jewelry. It will take the right kind of person (your kind of person), to notice the detail in your jewelry, and spark a safe conversation. All I’m asking is that you don’t hide behind your clothes.

I help women have strong emotional reactions in a positive way to the clothes. The clothes in your closet, and the clothes you put on your body, should feel good, and you should feel great about yourself, every. time. you get dressed. It shouldn’t matter where you’re going or how you are currently feeling about your body, and what else is going on in your life. You should always feel great about yourself, and how you’re showing up.  

We can be afraid to change our wardrobe for a lot of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons we’re afraid to change, is because by changing your wardrobe forces you to see your body for how it is right now, in this exact moment. This is difficult no matter how your body has changed. Even if your body hasn’t changed over the years, YOU as a person have. You’ve grown, evolved, and if you’re here now, you either really like me, in which case, “thanks, babe”, or you are at a time in your life where you are ready to step into a more empowered version of yourself.

When you change your wardrobe at a point in your life when you are in transition, it’s scary. It’s the final piece to allow you to fully dive in to that next phase.

By holding on to your old clothes, you allow yourself to hold on to the past, and keep yourself in the place you were before you started making these changes in your life. So, by making the changes in your closet, it forces you to look deep into yourself, and ask “do these clothes really represent who I am, and who I want to be?”

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the phrase, “Dress for the job you want”. It’s such a common phrase, because by dressing for your dream job, you’re starting the conversation about how qualified you are, before you even actually start talking. People see you, and they make a positive assumption about you. You can have that same ability in your every day life. Dressing who you are now is part of it, and slowly start to incorporate dressing who you want to be.

What I want to make clear is that you have choices in your personal style. Rules are available to give you guidance, but you should always feel authentic, and feel seen like yourself. Take the time to think about how you would want other people to describe you, when you’re not in the room, and start connecting with that. Make sure that the way that you dress also reflects those characteristics. If there’s a disconnect, you need to examine what’s going on, and why that’s happening.

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