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Just Say No to Antro -- Where to Shop Instead

Recently, one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie was accused of racial profiling, and essentially, training their employees to do the same. After doing some research on this accusation, I knew that I couldn’t continue to shop there, unless major changes occurred.

We are finally starting to open our eyes and understand that fighting racism means more than attending protests. By shopping brands or supporting stores without doing our research, we can unknowingly financially support values that are not in alignment with our own. Speaking for myself, I am at the beginning of these efforts, but it’s also something that I want to use my knowledge to educate my clients too.

You Support Where You Shop

If you know me, you know that the majority of my wardrobe is made up of clothes from Anthropologie. Even going back in the blog archives, you can see that from my earliest blog posts, you’ll find pieces from Anthropologie. The black jumpsuit that I chose to wear for my “blonde pixie debut” was also from Anthropologie. I have been a fan of theirs for 15 years. But these announcements regarding the behavior of their employees is inexcusable, and I personally, do not want to support their company. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “But I do love their clothes, isn’t there another way?” To you, my dear, my answer is yes.

I stumbled across this solution shortly after hearing the news about Anthropologie’s trained racist behavior. Prior to hearing the news, I had been working with a client virtually, and sent her a link to a dress from Anthro. She responded saying how much she loved the dress, but it was sold out. So, I went onto Anthro’s site, found the dress, took note of the brand of the dress, typed it into good ol google, and went on the brand’s website.

To my absolutely pleasant surprise, this brand was also donating money from every purchase to support Black Lives Matter. So, here are some great brands that can be found on Anthropologie’s website, but you can support them instead of racism.

Better Brands

Eva Franco: Eva Franco has beautiful pieces that will give you instant old Hollywood vibes. This brand is perfect for the person who loves the vintage look, but doesn’t want to take the time to shop vintage.

Payal Jain: Payal Jain creates neo-classical Indian influenced designs. The prints and silhouettes are timeless while also incorporating heritage fabrics.

Brands That Are Giving Back

Corey Lynn Calter: Corey Lynn Calter is the brand that I mentioned, that (at the time of this post) is donating $5 of every purchase to support Black Lives Matter. You can find bright colors and patterns in sustainable fabrics like cupro and linen. I want all of the summer dresses.

Farm Rio: Farm Rio is a Brazilian brand that has all of the bold, vibrant, colors and patterns that you associate with Brazil. They also donate a tree for every order!

Current Air: Current Air is a brand that is constantly making the effort to be more sustainable. Whether it’s using high quality recycled fabrics or replacing their packaging with recycled products, they’re making the effort, and that’s worth noting. They also mention on their site that they have been working to help the homeless population in LA, and they donate a portion of their profits from their sample sales to local and global nonprofits.

Regarding Current Air’s clothes, you’ll find mostly solid colors with a few small printed pieces. My favorite skirt, a yellow snake print midi skirt is by Current Air. You can see it in my style video where I show how to style a graphic t-shirt and my video where I show how to style a dress in different ways.

Brands That Are Not Anthropologie Exclusive

Daniel Rainn: You’ll find Daniel Rainn pieces in a variety of stores, not just Anthropologie. I’m sure you’ve seen them in places like Nordstrom or smaller boutiques. The reason that I am actually excited about mentioning Daniel Rainn, is because THEY CARRY PLUS SIZE!

Time for a quick tangent… I remember when Anthro announced that they were releasing a plus size collection, it was major. It was so exciting, and I think that’s another reason why I’m infuriated with their inexcusable racist behavior. The last thing a woman who is plus size needs is fewer cute clothing options, I mean, COME ON ANTHRO.

Anyway, back to Daniel Rainn. Their collection of plus size pieces is not extensive to say the least, but it’s a nice option to get those cute “Anthro” tops while avoiding racism. … (she says and then scrolls back through looking at the mostly all white models… let’s do more research on Daniel Rainn, and I’ll get back to you.)

Cloth and Stone: Cloth and Stone is one of those brands where you can touch one of their pieces, and immediately know it’s theirs. They create the SOFTEST chambray clothes. It feels like you’re wearing pajamas, but doesn’t look like you are. You can find their pieces at South Moon Under, Evereve, Nordstrom Rack, and lots of other stores!

Not Just One Brand, but SO Many Brands!

11Honore: For my loves that are mid size or plus size and live for beautiful clothing, 11 Honore is FOR YOU. They carry sizes 10-24, and oh my goodness, their pieces are stunning. Some are way beyond my price range, like this Taffeta Ruched Anorak, that just slayed me through my computer with its stunning beauty. But quite a few of them are not over the top expensive, and are definitely on par with Anthropologie’s pricing!

Bye, Anthropologie!

Shopping online isn’t as ideal as in a store, but thankfully, you can find a lot of of these brands in other stores. I am here to happily guide you through your shopping experience, however you need help! We can go shopping together, whether it’s in person or virtually. As soon as you’re ready to start receiving compliments every time you leave the house, let me know. We’ll hop on a Style Clarity Call!

Unless Anthropologie makes some major changes, beyond their insufficient response, I will not be shopping there. I am hopeful that they make these changes, not just because I want to shop there, but because it’s the right thing to do.

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