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Yes, Disney is full of magic. But warning now: for me it’s stressful, I’m not a huge fan, and I know I’m not alone!! But I still make the most of the trip whenever I’m there for Honey Bunny, and I want everyone to do the same for their kiddos.

Since I’m on the East Coast, we have much more proximity to Disney World in Florida, and that’s where we’ve taken my son on family trips. Again, it is fun. It is also my personal hell for (so many reasons) general discomfort and feeling like absolutely NO clothes work to fit all the conditions that are needed. But with the world opening back up, I’ve helped a few clients pack for Disney and equipping them with a survival guide, so of COURSE I had to make this a return to my travel-friendly capsule wardrobe series!!

Here are the requirements: mega heat and humidity friendly, flexible to move in for when you need to scoop up your kids, and absolute minimal fuss because you don’t need more chaos in your life when you’re on this trip. You want to enjoy the trip and time with family or friends as much as possible, so let’s make sure your travel wardrobe doesn’t ruin your trip!

What to Wear in the Park:

  • High-quality bike shorts that won’t budge. If you’re buying some new ones, make sure you try them on and do a mini dance routine in them. (I’m not kidding. It helps.) Don’t try and squeeze into some that are too snug – when in doubt, size up with no shame because SIZES AREN’T REAL TO BEGIN WITH!! Pair your shorts with looser tank tops with a fun detail, or cropped t-shirt. Lighter colors are definitely recommended, but not necessary if you’re anticipating getting your or your kid’s food on you at some point.
  • Forgiving jumpsuit or romper with sturdy shoulders – the rest of it can be loose or thin, but spaghetti straps are dicey when you’re bending and lifting a lot, especially if you have a larger bust. Wardrobe malfunctions are not something that you want to have to think about when you’re in Disney with at least one small child.
  • If you end up wearing a dress, don’t forget very breathable thigh-saver shorts. No, they are not all created equal, and not having to think about “chub rub” is a GIFT. These ones from Knix are amazing, and I always hear good things about Thigh Society. Bring a pair for every dress or skirt you plan on wearing.
  • If you have little kids, you might be carrying a diaper bag or backpack. Either in addition to that or on its own if your partner or another park goer in your group is carrying the bag, you want to go minimal with your bag. This is a great time for a fun belt bag or fanny pack that just has the essentials. A small crossbody bag is also great handsfree bag option. Having a belt bag or crossbody bag helps when traveling in their airport too, because it can be easily placed inside your carryon, just like it can be placed inside a backpack or diaper bag. 
  • Either sneakers or your most worn-in pair of flat sandals that have arch support. Disney is NOT the time to try out a new pair of shoes, even if they’re comfy sneakers or sandals. You will be walking and sweating too much to play around with a new pair. Now this suggestion pains me a little, but here we go. I don’t normally condone Birkenstocks, but yes, this is a good time to wear them if that’s already your thing. Also, AVOID RUBBER SLIDES!! Nothing sweats more than those and you don’t need help in that department when you’re walking around in the humidity.
  • Breathable fabrics – unless it’s a sweat-wicking material, rely on cotton and linen to keep you cool and let your skin breathe even when you’re getting sweaty.
  • Sunscreen, more sunscreen, and maybe a backup sunscreen. Don’t wait until you get to the park to buy sunscreen. Yes, they have lots of options at just about every kiosk, but you’ll probably get sunburned while walking from the monorail. 

Hotel Relaxing / Family Night Out Style

  • Swimsuits for when you’re at the hotel!! Bring something cute and fun for if you get a break from the kids AND something with a little more coverage for when your kids end up joining you for some pool time
  • Swimsuit coverup that covers your shoulders and chest – because those parts of your body typically get the most sun exposure, and we’ll want to protect them when we can
  • Easy breezy dresses or jumpsuits
  • Dress up and have fun with your shoes – a wedge or platform sandals will add a little more oomph than your park shoes but will still be practical for wrangling kids while walking to and from dinner
  • A cropped linen or denim jacket for when the hotel lobby or restaurants are (almost inevitably) freezing. Thank goodness for air conditioning, but those temperature changes are no joke. 

Susan’s Selections

Girlfriend Collective Bike Short

FJÄLLRÄVEN Water Resistant Belt Bag (Practical) or Coach League Leather Belt Bag (More high fashion)

Mango Linen Romper

Athleta Savannah Jumpsuit

Madewell Tie-Back Button Front Vintage Floral Dress

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