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Where Are You In Your Style: Introducing a New Virtual Style Workshop

December 14, 2020

If you’re like most people I know right now, you’re in need of a boost. (And frankly, same.) This year has brought so many unexpected challenges as we go through the most unpredictable time. But through it all, there’s been so much growth and discovering a new kind of strength. A huge part of that is figuring out what really matters and cultivating the joy that comes from within.

To help chart you those constellations, I created a virtual style workshop series that taps into the core philosophies behind how I work with clients: building confidence, using your wardrobe to set and serve intentions, and showing up for yourself.

Where Are You in Your Style – a Virtual Workshop
aka the Zoom sessions you can actually look forward to

During a series of five weekly virtual workshops, we’ll discover common confidence blockers and unravel some of the ways that self-confidence and knowing your worth do, and absolutely should, translate into your personal style. First, I want to make one thing very clear:

Caring about clothing and self-expression isn’t frivolous, but your clothes do not define your worth.

You own and are in control of your worth and your outfits are just your way of expressing that each day and for different occasions. You own your narrative. If you are a book, your clothing is the cover – what colors, imagery, and fonts are used to reflect the overall vibe of the story? If you are an amazing festive cheeseboard, your clothing is the cracker or baguette, and your accessories are the little jams and treats that are meant to pair with the cheese.

But back to being serious – can you think of a situation where a publisher goes and finds an author to write a book based on a cover they already have? Hell no. So why should you do that with your clothes, or allow your clothes to define who you are?

Where Are You In Your Style is a journey to help women discover what truly defines their style, what isn’t quite clicking, and starting the work needed for a meaningful transformation both internally and externally. We’ll meet as a small intimate group for five weeks every Thursday starting January 7th. If you can’t make one (or even all) of the dates, the cost of the workshop includes access to session recordings.

Here’s some of what we’ll work on through a range of individual exercises and group discussions.

Identifying and unpacking the feeling of not knowing yourself anymore and what to actually do about it.
Understanding why you might be feeling less motivated to tackle certain goals, including feeling indifferent towards yourself versus loving you the way you deserve. Processing why you’re feeling this way, and then helping you choose what to do about it. If you’re feeling resistant to this, it’s even more important to do it.

What happens when you know yourself and put energy into actually expressing that.
You’re aware of your own happiness and needs, instead of prioritizing everyone else ahead of you and feel empowered to act on that. When you express yourself through your style, everything starts to become aligned. Magic happens, and your life takes off.

This course is a project that I have been developing for a while and is designed to be extremely accessible to wherever you are on your style journey.

Interested in signing up or want to see the full schedule? Head to the virtual style workshop registration page, or feel free to reach out with any questions.

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