What I’ve Learned From Talking to Clients in 2020

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2020 Style Struggles and what to do about them

In 2020, we have been united by our shared hardships. Though your outfit or how your hair looks is realistically way down there on the list of struggles we’ve been through this year, there’s no denying that staying home all the time and only picking from a slim section from your closet eventually has an impact. Here are some of the common style struggles my clients have shared with me this year, and some quick tips on helping you reset.

I actually kind of hate living in pajamas or gym clothes all the time.

Living in pajamas is like eating ice cream for every meal. At first you’re so excited to indulge, and then after a few days, you feel like you’re staying home from school for a sick day. It stops being fun, especially when you constantly see the clothes that remind you of where you can’t go right now. For your own mental health, put those clothes in storage, or at least out of your direct view.

We associate pajamas and athleisure with being comfortable. When you’re wearing those clothes and you’re not sick/sleepy/working out, it changes the way you feel, mentally. You feel tired, less motivated, and ready to hibernate. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you just want to hibernate, but when that feeling lasts 9 months, it’s not healthy.

If you want something to cheer you up a little, you can also create a reason to wear some of the clothes that you want to wear. Is your birthday coming up? Host a virtual party, and require everyone to dress up, so you can wear that favorite sparkly dress.

I’m shopping online more than ever.

Trust me, I know you’ve been buying some clothes lately – and that’s great. Online shopping and treating yourself feels like bringing a happy, little piece of the outside world to your home. How can we make sure those clothes actually serve you now, instead of impulse buys that might remind you of life before COVID? Or just thinking, “I’ll get to wear this someday.”

None of my clothes feel good for working from home in the long run.

You just get sick and tired of wearing the same things over and over again. I get it. Then you look at the rest of your closet, and it has no practical purpose in your life right now. Those heels that you used to tolerate, even though they hurt your feet – donate them. The dress that you only liked when you were wearing spanx – no, thank you. You’re not settling anymore. There are better options out there for you.

You need clothes that work for your life right now, no matter what your life currently looks like. I have felt this way long before the pandemic, and I still stand by it.

I’ve gained the “quarantine 15”/My anxiety and depression during these times caused me to lose weight, and my clothes don’t fit anymore.

No matter how your body has changed, you deserve clothes that feel good. Gaining weight isn’t a punishment, and you don’t need to lose weight in order to “earn” new clothes. If your clothes don’t fit you, get new clothes! If you feel like your body is in a transitional phase, opt for secondhand or renting your new pieces. (It’s better from a sustainability perspective too!)

I just want to feel confident.

Oh, the amount of times I hear this! Teaching how to discover your confidence is one of my super powers. We find out where your confidence is hiding, and then I help you clear the path to let it come out and play. Once we do that, deciding what to wear is the easy part.

Comfort is KEY.

If it’s uncomfortable, we’re not wearing it. Not anymore! A little itchy – nope. Snug when you sit down – oh hell no. We’re not compromising for comfort anymore, and I support it completely.

What do you want to wear now? Let’s figure out how to help you show up for yourself in a way that reflects your inner strength.

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