Capsule Wardrobe: The Best Packing List for Disney World


Capsule Wadrove The Beset Packing List For Disney World

“Let’s discuss the requirements for a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida: mega heat and humidity friendly, flexible to move in for when you need to scoop up your kids, and absolutely minimal fuss because you don’t need more chaos in your life when you’re on this trip.”

Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but it’s also the most complicated regarding your wardrobe!

Knowing what you should pack for Disney World can feel like solving a complicated puzzle; you never get it right!

But because a trip to Disney parks and hotels should be filled with magic and fun, here’s the ultimate packing list for Disney World to ensure your trip is more fun and less stressful!

In This Episode, We Talked About What To Pack for Disney

I’m on the East Coast, so Disney World is the most accessible for me, but this list would work just as well if you’re traveling to Disneyland. Just account for the weather in California versus Florida.

The key is finding clothing that is breathable, cute, functional, and makes you feel great. When you visit Disney World, you’ll experience just about every emotion and weather element possible.

I know it sounds impossible to have clothes to check all these boxes, but in this podcast episode, we talk about the clothes to take on your Disney World vacation that fit all the conditions you’re likely to encounter in Walt Disney World!

What To Wear at Disney World

Knowing what to wear in the Disney parks is key. This is where you’ll experience what feels like every weather element and potential problem.

One minute, it can be dry and humid, and the next, it can pour rain. So here is a Disney packing checklist to ensure you have everything you need on your Disney vacation to wear in the theme parks.

  • Bike shorts are non-negotiable on Disney vacations. You need them no matter the weather and what you’re wearing. Stick with black because it goes with everything and hides sweat. Then pair them with loose tank tops, t-shirts, crop tops, or underneath dresses. Your top can be a lighter color to avoid attracting the sun if you want. The key is that the bike shorts are high-quality and fit well. Put them on and shake your body; make sure they don’t budge.
  • Loose jumpsuits or rompers are great, too, especially if you have little kids. They allow plenty of movement and breathability but are trendy and cute. Make sure the shoulder straps are sturdy; skip the spaghetti straps because the last thing you want on your Disney World trip is a wardrobe malfunction. These are great to dress up or down, so feel free to pair them with comfortable shoes to retain your sanity.
  • Dresses are a great option, too, because they are breathable. Again, don’t forget the biker shorts. You can choose a thin, flowing dress or opt for an exercise dress. They were made for this weather because they are moisture-wicking, but they are cute! They make a great alternative to traditional exercise clothes without sacrificing the benefits.
  • Quality shoes are also essential. This is not the time to try a new pair. You want your most comfortable shoes that are well-worn and will not cause issues for all the walking you do. Choose shoes with great arch support that keep your feet comfortable even in intense heat. While I don’t normally recommend this option, Birkenstocks are great to add to your Disney World packing list if you are used to wearing them.
  • Bags are essential and can still be cute! If you’re traveling with little ones, you’ll likely need a diaper bag or backpack to carry essentials like water bottles, a first aid kit, diapers, toys, a mini handheld fan, and your own snacks. But don’t forget a cute bag for your own essentials so you can easily grab them rather than rifling through a large bag with fussy kids. A belt bag is perfect for your outfits on your Walt Disney World vacation. They are hands-free, easy to pack on the airplane, and a cute addition to any outfit.

What To Bring to Your Hotel

Now that we’ve discussed the ultimate Disney packing list for the parks let’s discuss what you’ll need in your hotel room. While your Disney resort likely has anything you may have forgotten, why not save money and bring everything you need from the start?

  • Swimsuits and more swimsuits! The hot sun will undoubtedly wear everyone out, but the pool will feel amazing. Choose your swimwear according to your activities. If you’re swimming with little ones, you’ll want full coverage and a suit that won’t be uncomfortable while splashing around. If you’re on an adult trip, feel free to bring cuter suits, including a two-piece for a little fun in the sun.
  • A change of shoes is essential. We already discussed the importance of comfortable shoes, but you’ll need multiple pairs of walking shoes. If you’re going to Disney theme parks for multiple days, don’t make the mistake of having only one pair of shoes. Your feet will need a change. Also, don’t forget shoes for the times you’re hanging out at Disney resorts, going to dinner, or hanging out at the pool, so don’t forget your flip-flops.
  • Extra sun protection is essential. I can’t stress enough how much protection you’ll need from the Florida heat. Always have backups in your hotel room, and don’t forget things like aloe for the days you get a little too much sun at the parks or pool.
  • A couple of extra shirts or pants. If you’re traveling with little ones, pack an extra shirt and pair of shorts in your park bag, but also have extras in your hotel rooms to make up for spills, sweat, and clothes that may not be as comfortable as you thought. Remember, choose light, breathable fabrics. Cotton and linen are best unless you have clothing made of sweat-wicking material because, trust me, you will sweat! For stains, bring a Tide pen to treat stains immediately in your hotel room! You can also bring a travel-size bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release spray to help refresh sweaty clothes. 
  • Everyone needs a chafing stick. Even if you’ve never chafed a day in your life, trust me. My favorite is Thigh Rescue from Mega Babe. It looks like a deodorant container, and you just wipe it on your thighs to avoid friction and unnecessary chafing. This is especially important if your thighs naturally rub together, but unless you’re wearing a great pair of biker shorts, I suggest everyone packs and uses this in Disney World.

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What’s Next?

Now that you know the basics of what you should pack for your Walt Disney World resort and park vacation, you can download our free printable Disney packing list and keep it next to you while packing!

This will ensure you have everything you need to make your Disney vacation as magical as possible.

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