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woman on beach during storm

The beach on the island of Martha’s Vineyard was the perfect location for Jenny’s Wild Woman Soulography photo shoot.

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Rockstar Queen Castle

This Wild Woman Soulography photo shoot brought us to Gillette Castle in East Haddam, CT to photograph a 60’s Rockstar goddess.

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means you have most likely been bombarded with content about sexy outfits, and posts with titles like, “The Perfect Date Look” and “Sexy While Staying at Home”. Dates definitely look different in the times of COVID. A date night that involves takeout or delivery with your partner usually translates […]

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If you’ve been following me or reading my blog for a little while, you’ll notice that things look a little (ok, A LOT) different around here. Welcome welcome to my new website!! Last fall, I started a major website and branding refresh to reflect the changes I’ve personally experienced. Since the beginning of the pandemic, […]

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Hot take: the practice of setting New Year’s resolutions is counter-productive for actually taking charge of your long-term growth and change. I am wholeheartedly against the phrase, “New year, new me/you/us.” Setting goals? Absolutely. Even committing to accomplishing a goal in 12 months time? Sure, timelines are motivating. Growth? I am ALWAYS here for that. […]

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In 2020, we have been united by our shared hardships. Though your outfit or how your hair looks is realistically way down there on the list of struggles we’ve been through this year, there’s no denying that staying home all the time and only picking from a slim section from your closet eventually has an […]

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If you’re like most people I know right now, you’re in need of a boost. (And frankly, same.) This year has brought so many unexpected challenges as we go through the most unpredictable time. But through it all, there’s been so much growth and discovering a new kind of strength. A huge part of that […]

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What’s it like having an intuitive stylist shop for you?

I help dress your soul, and allow you to step into your higher self. You’ve already done most of the work – our time to work together occurs as one of the final steps before your transformation. Does that sound a little scary? It’s ok, you’ll always feel supported through the entire process. My goal is for you to love everything in your closet, and to feel incredible every time you get dressed.

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Soulography Experience

Introducing The

Soulography is a unique photoshoot experience that goes beyond taking photos and captures your true inner power, allowing you to step into the future you know you are ready for.

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