meet Kristy

I was dressing down to stay under the radar. I didn’t know where to shop or what to buy. I hated everything in my closet. I had so many clothes but nothing to wear. I didn’t feel good showing up to certain things because I didn’t like how I looked. I felt like my clothes didn’t truly represent me.

the challenge

My style was sweat pants LOL. I felt like I was always comfortable but never cute. Like my personality wasn’t showing through my boring old clothes.

the catalyst

My biggest ah-ha was how much of my old identity still existed in my wardrobe. An older version of me that I grew out of an no longer resonated with, was represented in my clothing and therefore the energy of that person was still lingering around. Beginning to put together a wardrobe that feels like me has been so freeing and fun and given me the permission to be a little bolder, more confident, feeling like the badass that I am!


 “I love how I’m showing up with confidence and bold authentic self expression, and my style helps me feel that energy and step into it. Susan’s great at what she does and is a kind, fun, intuitive soul who will leave you feeling like a freaking rockstar! She inspired me to tune into who I am and the style that resonates with that and it’s such a beautiful gift to have received.”

in their words

the results

back to transformations

I cleaned out my whole closet sooo that was just the start of being able to open up space for new. I have a great foundation and will keep building on it as I bring in new pieces.