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Client Spotlight: Monica’s Pandemic Style Revelation

June 23, 2022

When Monica lost her job at the start of the shut down, she felt like the clothing in her closet didn’t represent her personality. She wasn’t sure how to shop for herself but she knew that her all black corporate wardrobe had to go. Being a mom of three she had difficulty deciphering what her new functional wardrobe needed to look like.

When I walked into her closet and we started the closet edit, it was like a sea of black clothing, not a lot color to be found. Which made sense, because of her previous job’s dress code. While she had a lot of fun black colored clothes, most of the rest of her clothes didn’t represent her personality.

Monica didn’t only want to dress to be a mom, she wanted a functional wardrobe while also staying true to herself!

Now Monica has the skills to start choosing for herself again, in all of the magic she is creating she is repping herself, as a mother, a business owner and a strong woman.

I am truly so happy for her! We’re always experiencing revelations and life changes just like Monica did that DEFINITELY affect how we dress and present ourselves. If you want a guide to help you navigate your own style journey, check out my personal styling package options.

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